Search Engine Optimization

You might heard of the term your website is your main showroom nowadays". In this digital era more than 88% of car shoppers are using the web to shop for their cars. So ignoring the web is like handing customers to your competitors.And if customers can't find you through search engines, you don't exist to them. Dealers Gear's SEO program was found to change this and help you over rank your competitors getting you more organic leads and convert more customers


How do we do it?

Perform an Audit on every page on your website and identify the ranking problems. There are multiple scenarios that might affect your ranking such as minimal optimization duplicate content and site miss-functionality issues.

Create high quality content for your website which build authority around the keywords that you want to rank for Our relevant and informative content would be triggered by search engines as a source of valuable information that would help visitors with their search.

Reporting and delivery: We take our job very personal showing results and ranking improvement is our main goal, because your success is our success. Dealers Gear would provide you with a bi-weekly report with all ranking factors and analytics, giving specific details of all your website activities.