Social Media Marketing

If you aren't utilizing social media to create local awareness and sell more cars you are certainly handing customers to your competitors. Taking advantage of the low cost of social media marketing should be one of your main priorities when it comes to mark your dealership.

AutoLink has one of the top social media marketers who would help manage optimize and sell more cars using your own social platforms. By creating ads banners and blogs about your dealership and consistently engaging with your fans and customers we will make you look better than your competitors.


Offering different packages we will certainly meet your need and budget.

Data shows that there are over than 30 million active car buyers on Facebook alone. After one year of extensive research and studying Facebook data we are confident enough to say that we have mastered dealership’s social media marketing from Facebook Instagram and Twitter. With our social media marketing platform we don’t only offer management but we also provide one of a kind traffic and clicks to specific vdps of vehicles people showed interest in. You might ask how does it work?

First we pull your inventory feed from your website provider then we list your Cars on Facebook.Our intelligent software will then gather information of people who showed interest in a similar car in your inventory and put your car right in front of him getting a click to your vehicle VDP. Then we will track any conversion like if he fill out a form or a credit application if the customer leaves your site without converting we will keep following him with our smart ads showing the vehicle he is interested in and other vehicles from your inventory, this won’t only get you more sales it would also help your website SEO to rank higher on search engines. Finally by the end of the month our smart reporting will show you all clicks and conversions on the website giving you a better look of your ROI.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s sell more cars together!

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